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Works to negotiate and arrange real estate transactions. This licensed individual has daily duties that include writing contracts and overseeing transactions for sales and purchasing activities on homes, land and commercial properties. 

致力于谈判和安排房地产交易。 经纪人的日常职责包括撰写合同和监督房屋、土地和商业物业的买卖活动的交易。

Property Management

Property management involves making sure that buildings are safe and well maintained. As a liaison between the property owner and the occupier of the property, a property manager ensures that both parties are satisfied with the property and its daily operations and that obligations under lease contracts are fulfilled.

物业管理涉及确保房主物业安全且维护良好。 作为业主和物业占用人之间的联络人,物业经理确保双方对物业及其日常运营感到满意,并确保履行租赁合同规定的义务。

Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment opportunities sound exciting when you think of the returns you stand to gain. If you’ve never invested in a project of such magnitude, it is okay to feel intimidated especially if you are risk-averse.

当您想到您将获得的回报时,房地产投资机会听起来令人兴奋。 如果您从未投资过此类的项目,那么可能感到有些担忧与犹豫,尤其是在您希望尽可能规避风险的情况下。

Maintenance & Renovation

There’s a good chance you have home improvement plans in the near future, whether you just closed on a fixer-upper or you’re looking to update the house you’ve lived in for 20 years.
A well-thought-out plan will set you up for success, for both small remodeling projects that change or update the look and function of a space or larger renovations, which might involve knocking down walls. 

您很有可能在不久的将来制定家居装修计划,无论您是刚刚买了个需要维修的房子,还是您正在考虑升级您居住了 20 年的房子。

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